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What is Gandi? A monument? A symbol? An old company?

After 23 years of existence, I think that the right word to describe Gandi is resilient. Let me tell you why.

Gandi has been through multiple phases: we had around 10 people on board in 2005 and now we are almost 140 strong as of the beginning of 2023.

But we want to take a look back before embarking on this latest phase and this blog will be our way to express that.

We want to reconnect with the historical Gandi, without forgetting what we have done these past years. Because when we look around at the current landscape, we feel that a return to our roots is actually necessary for us to thrive in the future.

Because resilience is strength but also evolution, and we will open the blog on this note.

It will give us the opportunity to express ourselves in a way that is a bit less “corporate”, to tell our story through the eyes of Gandi’s people, of those behind the servers and the fiber, to speak about why domain registration and DNS motivates us and also to speak about our difficulties along the way.

Gandi handles more than 2.6 million domain names, more than 780 000 email accounts and more than 40 000 IaaS/PaaS instances.

For a long time now, you have counted on us for these few letters and this “.” that are your virtual home and identity on the Internet and we are proud of this trust you have placed in us.

Ensuring the security of our information systems and, by extension, the security of your systems was always a top priority but now it has become more important than ever in your negotiations, your expectations and the expectations of your customers.

A decade ago, we spoke a bit less about security until “heartbleed”1 arrived on the scene and, not long after, we had to begin fending off waves of ransomware attacks.

For us, handling a “small piece” of the cyberspace—that is, managing our own AS, our own DNS servers and all the technical backends for domain name management—doesn’t leave any room for approximation, that’s why security of our systems and infrastructure is always at the center of our concerns.

It has become clear to us that it is now time for us to come out of our shell and use a different kind of shell to share some words with you.

We hope that you will have as much pleasure in reading as we will have in writing in the coming months.